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In-store ad retargeting to be the next game changer in retail?

In-store ad retargeting to be the next game changer in retail?

May 6, 2015

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In-store ad retargeting will be your next game changer in retail

In-store-retargeting-game-changing-for-retailersLots of powerful tools exist in an online environment that help retailers maintain customer mindshare, and help customers move forward in their purchasing process. One of the most commonly used tools for this is retargeting, which idea is to serve as a subtle reminder about the products that the customer has previously been looking.

In essence, online retargeting is currently done by showing ads about the products that the customer has recently looked at, but on various different pages and sites. Good examples of retargeting are the recently viewed items list in Amazon or Facebook ads about the products the user has recently looked at on a retailer’s website.

The main benefits of retargeting for retailers are:

  • Additional mindshare from customers
  • Faster speed in customers’ purchasing process
  • A timely way to trigger buying

The main benefits of retargeting for customers are:

  • An automatic and timely reminder of a product that the customer wants to look into more
  • More relevancy in advertising
  • Easier purchasing process through better communication

With new technological advancements, retargeting is not limited to the online environment anymore. Consider the following example:

“Lucy has some spare time and she ends up looking for new shoes for an upcoming dinner party with her laptop at home. She browses through the new line of fall fashion and finds a couple of good options, but since she has some doubts about them, she decides that she will add them to a wish list and look into them more later on. She would still need to go and try them out in the nearby store (if they have them) and maybe browse some more, and anyway, the party isn’t for another three weeks.

Next weekend, Lucy is shopping at a shopping centre nearby and visits multiple stores browsing for different things with her friend. When they enter the store whose website she had viewed the shoes, she gets a notification through a mobile app about the availability of the shoes on her wish list. Lucy had already forgotten about these shoes, but is happy about the reminder, as the shoes turn out to be perfect for her. “

This example is fully possible today and it is only one example of how to use retargeting. The best retailers use this same information also in digital signage and to provide more information for their staff for the sales interactions. In fashion stores, salespersons for example guide the customer to look at the accessories that match the products they have previously looked online.

Think about your retargeting strategy

Retargeting is not tied to wish lists either, and the way retargeting is handled needs to vary according to the situation. For example, for more subtle retargeting, the previously browsed products are shown as background images in the location-based notifications. Remember that the way retargeting is shown to a customer has a significant effect on how the customers will react to it.

By extending retargeting to a physical store, retailers do not only strengthen the top-of-mind position for their product further, but also gain this mindshare while customers are closer to the actual purchase. Also, the relevancy of retargeting increases as the timing of it is better matched to the right context and location. In addition to this, by creating omni-channel experience with retargeting, a retailer supports a wider range of different purchasing preferences.

To learn more about how to get started with offline retargeting, stay tuned for further blog posts. In the meanwhile you may find our eBook on modern in-store personalisation useful.


Andrey Golub– @Retail Lab Manager

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