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Andrea Fontana is Sowre’s new CTO IBM ICS & Websphere

Andrea Fontana is Sowre’s new CTO IBM ICS & Websphere

May 27, 2015

Andrea Fontana is Sowre’s new CTO IBM ICS & Websphere

Chiasso, May, 25, 2015

Andrea Fontana was appointed Chief Technology Officer in Sowre’s IBM Websphere, Information and Collaboration Solutions competency center.

Andrea will report directly to Marco Tronati, Director of Sowre’s Business Unit dedicated to solutions based on IBM middleware and Java standards. He will collaborate tightly with Vittorio Longoni, further increasing Sowre’s experience and competency.

Andrea’s arrival was highly welcomed by the entire development team – Web Content Managers, Web Designers, Java Developers e System Engineers – “I’m honored and proud to have in the team a personality of such technical level as Andrea Fontana”, reported Vittorio Longoni; “His competency and energy, I’m sure, will represent a further distinctive element of our delivery structure

Andrea Fontana has operated in roles of steadily increasing responsibility thanks to his remarkable technical competencies. His top level skills brought him in 2012, 2013 e 2014 the IBM Champion for Websphere award – a recognition for engineers of distinguished competency and international dissemination capability; these recognitions where topped by the 2015 award as IBM Champion for ICS.

“We are very pleased about Andrea’s new role in our organization. It will provide a significant contribution to the expansion and growth path of our organization, and to our medium and long term strategy. Our goal is to further establish Sowre as an international competence center for IBM clients and partners” – stated Marco Tronati, Sowre’s Executive.

Marco Tronati– @SocialEnterprise-Lab Manager

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