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Intel facial recognition retail marketing

Intel facial recognition retail marketing

Sep 21, 2013

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Intel facial recognition

Intel facial recognition retail marketing now in Oregon

PORTLAND — The next time you’re at the mall, your face could be the target of high technology that notes your gender, your age and what you might be interested in buying.

If you’re a retailer, it’s about really knowing your audience, the motivation behind what’s called Audience Impression Metrics, or AIM

The facial recognition technology using an optic sensor, was developed at Intel. They’ve been working with companies and advertisers to literally focus on, and target customers.

AIM is being used at some malls in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. It’s also now being tested at the Rose Garden and one area mall could be using it by summer.

At a mall, the software can tell how long a person is looking at a digital kiosk. It can tell if the person is a man or women, and their approximate age.

With that knowledge, specific ads will pop-up or perhaps an ad targeted to a sale at the mall.

It’s been used in other part of the world for years, but was just introduced in the United States
last October. It takes just one tenth of a second to figure out a persons profile.

“And say, if it’s three adult males looking a the digital sign maybe you’d change it to an adult male type of advertisement, maybe a BMW ad,” said Bill Colson, director of digital signage services for Intel.

For those people concerned about privacy, Colson said no information is stored or used for other purposes. He said it only uses the facial recognition to determine what might appeal to a person at that moment.


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